Let's start with some good news right away!

Our research results are based on more than 5000 scientific publications, all of which clearly prove the health-promoting effects of our ion generator! Air ions serve humans and animals in many different ways. They are primarily absorbed through respiration. In addition, they are also transmitted through the skin.

There are negative-polarized and positive-polarized air ions. One of the most important functions of air ions is that of air purification!

For this reason, it can be assured that air ions have become a rarity in polluted cities or industrial zones. In a city where all streets are tarred and most of the land is covered with houses, the air ions are not anymore generated from the earth by emanation. Air pollution from exhaust fumes, cars and heating also destroys air ion generation from natural radiation and lightning discharges.

Measurements at such locations have shown an absolute minimum to zero values.

Positive and negative air ions exist usually in a ratio of 5:4 positive to negative ions. When the sun shines, in the open midlands, about 400 to 500 air ions per cubic centimeter are measured; in sunny areas such as Ticino (southern Switzerland), average values between 600 and 900 are found, and in the mountains often over 1000. In climate stations such as St. Moritz, Salsomaggiore, Badgastein, values of well over 2000 air ions per cubic centimeter can occur.

In cities and industrial areas, on the other hand, there are extremely low values between ten and 100 air ions per cubic centimeter. Measurements carried out in 1971 (around noon) at Paradeplatz in Zurich and Stachus in Munich showed average values of less than 20 air ions per cubic centimeter. Similarly, measurements in an ultramodern bank with a regulated air conditioning system resulted in a content of only 40 to 70 ions per cubic centimeter.

Pollution takes the upper hand. In addition to their air-purifying effect, air ions also have a direct effect on the level of bacteria floating in the air.

Air ions have a bactericidal (germicidal) effect. A phenomenon that has been known for a long time, since lung patients have been cured for decades in the mountain air, which is poor in bacteria.

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