The technical know-how regarding ionization technology comes from the company Marah Productions (CH-Magliaso), which was founded in 1970 by the Swiss scientist Dr. sc. techn. ETH Walter Stark and is now being continued by the second generation.

We owe the design of the BIONIC© Ionizer to Norbert Kindl of the company Antares Design (D-Oberboihingen).

Marco Raffaello Dozio from BIOTAC Energetics (CH-Blonay) is responsible for the know-how regarding tachyon technology.

The other two important people who have contributed and are still contributing significantly to the realization of this project are .....

Thanks to the fusion of our holistic know-how, we have succeeded in creating an exceptional ion generator, the application of which offers a multitude of positive effects.

* BIONIC© Ionizer *
* Made with Love and Compassion