Headaches & migraines

Migraine. If you are one of the people who suffer from migraines, a regular use of the BIONIC© Ionizer might help not only "get the pain under control", but to transform one of the causes.

One of the reasons for migraines is that the air you breathe in is "wrongly electrified".

The possible main reason is that you still have not digested one or more unpleasant experiences from your childhood or youth. The medical history of migraine patients shows in practically all cases that before the migraine attacks, the sufferer often experiences a severe discomfort in the digestive tract, which mutates into a migraine within a few minutes.

Proven household remedies such as a washcloth soaked in cold water and red wine vinegar, which is placed on the forehead, is a very effective remedy. The room in which the person suffering from migraine is located should be darkened as much as possible, because external light influences and light stimuli aggravate the condition. It often helps if the person suffering from migraine empties their stomach (e.g. vomiting). As quickly as the migraine attack came, as quickly it can subside after the stomach has been emptied.

Finding keys that bring the cause to light is practically impossible with conventional medicine. We are therefore dependent on other "techniques"; kinesiology, radionics, bio-resonance and radiesthesia ... to name but a few.

Regular use (especially overnight) of the BIONIC© Ionizer can often greatly - and sometimes completely - reduce headaches and migraines.

How come we are so convinced? Because a) our research team ... and b) many international physicians were able to gain corresponding experience.

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