Increased resistance to infection

The organism is in constant contact with many pathogens, many of which unfortunately tend to be pathogenic (disease-causing).

There is certainly no need to underline the importance of a balanced diet with fresh, natural products and a lifestyle that is as stress-free as possible.

A well-functioning immune system can help prevent disease. It is therefore certainly beneficial to strengthen our innate protective mechanisms in order to be able to fight undesirable parasites.

In the 1960s and 1970s, research clearly showed that high concentrations of small air ions can significantly influence the course of experimentally generated respiratory tract infections in experimental mice. It was shown that concentrations of more than 200'000 positive air ions per cubic centimeter significantly increased the mortality rate of mice.

In negative ion experiments conducted in our laboratory in Switzerland in the early 1970s, the mortality rate of mice infected with influenza viruses dropped dramatically! This finding was also made by the research group of Professor Dr. Albert P. Krueger (University of California, Berkeley) when the animals were kept in containers exposed to negative ionization.

Note: we are glad that we no longer depend on experiments on innocent creatures. Fortunately, times have changed!

The flu is not a must!

Our research has clearly shown that under the influence of a balanced content of air ions, the flu virus encounters a stronger resistance in the body ... which means that in an optimally ionized room, even during flu epidemics, the virulent flu virus almost never causes significant illness.

This method has been successfully tested on hundreds of people. In experiments conducted in Switzerland and involving scientists from the Marah Research Laboratory, the initial objective was solely to restore good indoor air and, in particular, to eliminate unpleasant odors. After the end of the trial period, which coincided with a flu epidemic (December 1971), absences were also determined.

It was found that compared to blind test rooms, 92.5% fewer absences due to illness were recorded! This surprising result was quite surprising because the research of Prof. Dr. Albert P. Krueger was only known later, following this result.

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