Physical and mental exhaustion

1000 and more reasons probably play a role why many people often feel tired and exhausted. Problems in private and business life lead the list of causes. Furthermore, "invisible" influences such as electrosmog and earth rays are among them.

Working people in particular are confronted almost daily with situations they do not understand, do not accept, do not want to accept ... and do not have a clear head for problem solving. They are lost in an impenetrable labyrinth. They think.

A "solution" is quickly found to help them temporarily escape these problems: Sports, television, medication, drugs or any other dis-traction. We have written this word on purpose: dis-traction. Since such people cannot see the solution because of stress and nervousness, they divert their energy away from the grey cloud. Somehow understandable.

However, it is clear that this will not bear fruit in the long run. Just ... what to do?

As already mentioned in other sections, the air we breathe is our number one source of energy. Yes, exactly: the air! Do you know the rule of 3? 3 minutes without air (life becomes difficult) ... 3 days without water (life becomes difficult) ... 30 days without food (life becomes difficult).

It seems that it is becoming more and more difficult to eat healthy food in a targeted manner. We are talking here primarily about people who do not live and work in the countryside, but about "workers" who (have to) spend practically the whole day in the city ... and the night as well.

No excuse! We really have enough time to eat a little healthier. And for all lazy thinkers: thousands of cool videos on YouTube might help you. Relax & Enjoy.

Our decades of experience clearly show that by using the BIONIC© Ionizer (especially during the night) the air in the room is enriched with negative ions in a very short time, which in turn leads to an optimal bioclimate in the bedroom ... and makes you feel more rested in the morning.

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