Activating of the respiratory process of the cells

During cellular respiration, nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats are broken down and thus supply our body with energy. Energy that our body uses, among other things, to keep it moving.

A distinction is made between aerobic cell respiration (with oxygen) and anaerobic cell respiration (without oxygen). Primarily, cellular respiration describes metabolic processes that serve to produce energy in the cells.

The energy gain through cell respiration is essential for our survival! Without food we could survive for many weeks, without water only a few days, without oxygen only a few minutes, but without ATP only a few seconds! It is crazy what our body does without us having the slightest idea. Everything normally works so smoothly that we don't have to worry about the various processes. Cool.

Regular use (especially overnight) of the BIONIC© Ionizer can comprehensively promote cell respiration.

How come we are so convinced? Because a) our research team ... and b) many international physicians were able to gain corresponding experience.

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