Unlike other devices on the market, the BIONIC© Ionizer does not produce ozone!

Why do we mention this? Because it is perfectly proven that the mode of action of ozone-generating ionizers is NOT recommended for health reasons. Such devices produce minute aerosols containing fine dust that penetrate deep into the respiratory tract ... which can lead to serious health problems.

Ozone goes under the skin

Ozone present in room air enters the organism through the skin. Measurements and clinical trials show that a person present in a room (approx. 30m2) can reduce the ozone concentration by 10 to 25%. This value varies if the person is lightly dressed or works in the room in a suit with a shirt and tie. If several people are present in the same room, this rate decreases even more.

The fact that this function as a "human air filter" results in health damage such as respiratory and skin irritation was recently determined and recorded by a research duo from Austria (Armin Wisthaler from the University of Innsbruck) and the USA (Charles Weschler from the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute in New Jersey).

Copiers and laser printers use toners that contain different pigments and -depending on the brand- heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. Since the current toners have very small particle sizes, they can pose a health risk. This practically invisible fine dust can be deposited in the bronchial tubes and may stick to the mucous membranes.

Many photocopiers and laser printers generate ozone and ionize the air with positively polarized ion particles, which are harmful to health in the long run. Since the immune system of many people is already pre-damaged by their lifestyle, when choosing such office equipment, care should be taken to choose a model with the lowest possible emissions and, if possible, to operate it in large, well-ventilated rooms.

Important advice: Never accept unfair statements from manufacturers who offer ionizers that produce ozone! After all, your health is at stake.