Below we present some possibilities that show for whom the BIONIC© Ionizer is of great interest ... and where it shows its full potential.

- Private persons -

In our opinion, the most important place for the BIONIC© Ionizer is the bedroom. You can leave it switched on all night long so that it supplies the room with negative ions. The power consumption of our ion generator is so minimal that its use, even when it is switched on all day long, the costs do not exceed 1 Swiss Franc per month.

During the day, you can place the ion generator in the living room, in your home office or during meals in the kitchen. Thanks to its size, it will find "its" place everywhere. Placing it in the children's room, if you have one, would certainly also be a good idea.

- Small, medium and large companies -

Whether you are a goldsmith and you use your creativity to create wonderful jewelry ... or you are a creative Figaro and you want to give your customers the look they want ... the BIONIC© Ionizer is in these days more than ever an indispensable "gadget", representing an exceptional investment. Not only for small businesses!

An investment that pays for itself in a very short time, because our ion generator improves the quality of the air we breathe in our workplace to such an extent that physical well-being is stimulated in a short time. Tests have been carried out at one of the largest Swiss banks to test the improvement of disease resistance after using the BIONIC© Ionizer. The success of a reduction of about 92% in the number of cases of disease and their duration speaks for itself. To be honest, we were not really surprised by these results. Why? Because measurements taken before the tests showed an average air ion level of 40 to 70 ions per cubic centimeter.

- Kindergartens, schools and universities -

When we were allowed to introduce the first air ion generators in the late 1960s, science and medicine were not yet talking about hyperactivity disorders (ADHD). What about today? Probably THE topic in almost every school. The latest research clearly shows that - to name just a few - the following factors play a major role: Problems in the family, pathogenic sleeping place, pathogenic place at school, failure, unhealthy food, pharmacological drugs, drug use, electrosmog and various allergies.

In research laboratories (California and Russia), the direct influence of positive and negative air ions on the neurohormone serotonin in the blood and brain has been significantly proven. It has been clearly demonstrated that a persistent lack of negative ions in the air can lead to changes in the behavior of the individual. Such an excess of serotonin can lead to restless sleep, insomnia, irritability, aggressiveness, increased forgetfulness, intolerance and feelings of apathy, an increased tendency to make mistakes at work, refusal to work and depression.

Experiments conducted in many classrooms have shown that after only a few days … a) the ability to concentrate ... b) the receptivity ... and c) the stress changed significantly in more than 98% of the students!

- Medical and naturopathic practices -

Starting in 1930, the Russian physician, Professor A.L. Tchijewsky, working with a scientific team from the Central Laboratory for Air Ion Research in Moscow, studied the growth inhibition and bactericidal effect of air ions on microorganisms, which were already known at that time. Streptococcus Pyogenes (infection and pus formation), Vibrio Cholerae (cholera pathogen) and Salmonella Typhimurium (inflammation of the intestinal tract) were the first objects of investigation. They determined a rapid decrease under negative artificial ionization of the air.

Unipolar ionized air, whether positive or negative, also increases the mortality rate of escherichia coli (coli bacteria found in human and animal intestines), neurospora crossa (red mold) and penicillum notatum. In total, it was unanimously established that negative ions in the air are stronger than positive ions in this exposure. However, if high concentrations of air ions are used, about 10'000 per cubic centimeter, M. pyrogenes and others are completely killed. The latest work of Russian researchers A.D. Boyco and A.N. Sverchkov dates back to 1963.

- Clinics and hospitals -

These studies have also shown that negatively ionized air has a stimulating effect on the metabolism of the vitamins C, B1, B2 and B3. These results, in turn, are consistent with the findings of other researchers. They may also explain why the negative ions in the air against common infectious diseases considerably increase the body's defenses. The acceleration of the healing process during hospitalization under the influence of negative air ions has been verified at the Northeastern Hospital in Philadelphia on thousands of patients. This fact is currently (1971) also being tested in Switzerland and Germany. After surgery, as well as in the case of fractures, wounds healed surprisingly faster and bones were reconstructed faster!

Studies in Germany and America attribute this to the abundant negative electricity supply. Extensive research in both countries has shown that negative potentials accelerate the growth of cells and bones. Negative vitaions are therefore able to optimally shape the negative potential of the cell membrane, with very positive effects for the growth of healthy cells.

E. Todd Wheeler, one of Chicago's leading architects for hospital buildings in the United States, argues that to shorten hospital stays and improve patient well-being, negative air ionization should generally be installed in all hospital rooms.

- Retirement and nursing homes -

Modern nursing and retirement homes promote their services with keywords such as: With us you live safely and actively, because we offer comfortable accommodation for every need. We offer tailor-made services and excellent catering, etc. etc. Well, if only that were true!

At this point, we don't want to get into the sometimes unbelievable abuse, but we would like to remind you that the elderly people concerned can significantly improve the quality of the air they breathe in their rooms thanks to the BIONIC© Ionizer.

- Fitness-, Yoga- and Wellness Centers -

Ions in the air have a regulating and normalizing effect on humans, but not on stress! That is why other results, which remain to be discussed, are also understandable, proving that healthy people who are already in Eutonus (health balance) experience at most an increase in performance thanks to air ions.

Professor Max Knoll from the Technical University of Munich and Professor Minich from the Institute of Sports Hygiene in Moscow independently studied this last experience in healthy people. The experiments in Munich showed a significant reduction in visual reaction time. This method provides a generally accepted statement for assessing the brain's ability to react.

In Moscow, tests were conducted on well-trained and healthy athletes who have already reached their personal maximum power. Athletes sat in front of an ion generator for about 30 minutes each day, which produced negative air ions in therapeutic doses.

While there was only an insignificant increase in static work performance during the first 9 days, it increased by an average of 46% up to day 28. In contrast, the increase in dynamic work performance increased by an average of 87% after only 9 days.