If you have the privilege of living and working in a health resort like Arosa or St. Moritz, you are in the best hands when it comes to clean, fresh air.

However, if, like most people, you live and work in a city or metropolitan area, the BIONIC© Ionizer could be of great interest for your personal well-being.

Why do we tell you this? Because the results of technical measurements clearly show that mountain air contains about 10'000 negative ions per cubic centimeter ... in big cities it is measured about 500 ... and in the offices of these cities we measure an average of 20 negative ions per cubic centimeter.

What does this mean in practice? It's very simple: the more negative ions in the air, the better for your health! No wonder that many people who work in offices during the day often feel unhealthy.

Later we will talk about the side effects of electrosmog on our health and the solutions we have been proposing for more than 25 years now.

* * *

Thanks to the BIONIC© Ionizer, the air in the room is enriched with negative ions in the shortest possible time. An optimal bioclimate in the room can be achieved with the help of this special ion generator.

The term "negative" - referring to ions - should be classified as promoting the health of all living things, because negatively polarized ions play a very important role in the functioning of cells throughout our body. While a large number of negatively polarized ions are supplied to the body through the respiratory tract and skin, they reach the interior of the cells via the bloodstream and cell walls and activate the cells' breathing process.

Thousands of scientific studies clearly prove that ambient air enriched with negative ions leads to the fact that toxins can also be excreted much better and that the growth of healthy cells is promoted.

This declaration is valid for all living beings; be it for humans, animals or plants.