The exciting story of the realization of the Marah ion generators began shortly before the end of World War II.

We quote from the diary published in 1975 by Walter Stark (Dr. sc. techn. Dipl. Ing. chem. ETH), the founder of the Marah research team:

"More than thirty years ago (towards the end of World War II) my confirmation bible fell into my hands again. It is the "Zurich Bible", according to the translation by Zwingli, the reformer of Zurich. It was first published in 1529 and its text was subject to various revisions. Four hundred years after Zwingli's death, the edition, which was to determine the program of our research team, was published.

I found the Bible on a rainy, boring Sunday afternoon: plenty of time to browse! I randomly hit the thick book somewhere at the beginning when I read:

"Then Moses had the Israelites set out from the Red Sea, and they went into the Sur desert and walked in the desert for three days. Then they came to Mara; but they could not drink the water because of its bitterness, for it was very bitter. Therefore the place was called Mara ("bitter spring"). Now the people murmured against Moses. And he cried unto the LORD, and the LORD gave him a wood stick, which he cast into the water, and the water became sweet."

(Exodus 15, 22-25)

The procedure described in this Bible passage became the subject of my dissertation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich in a modified form. This single biblical passage also describes a process that after the war became the basis of a powerful global chemical industry, which 25 years ago was still in its infancy. It is astonishing that a knowledge is only used for general benefit three thousand years after the first, so to speak, official announcement.

Subsequently, it was inevitable that I would study the Bible for further discoveries. Over and over again I came across passages that triggered associations of thoughts. Many things are described in an encrypted, almost mysterious way. Obviously, however, with time I learned to understand the language of the Bible. Here I found explanations to some phenomena that have interested me for a long time, as well as solutions or hints for solutions to modern scientific questions.

Almost as if under compulsion, I studied the Holy Scriptures over the next months and years and noted down many things that would be worthy of modern scientific consideration. A large team of researchers would be fully occupied for years or decades to examine "Bible procedures".

The "Book of Books" does not only contain the history and religious laws of a people. It also mentions a technical knowledge that is thousands of years old - often in just a few words - usually as a matter of course. A careful study of the text and "all sorts of" knowledge are needed to draw promising topics from the Bible, which can then lead to an evaluation in our time. In very few cases are recipes or patent solutions mentioned in the Bible. But in the example of the "Trumpet of Jericho" one stands in front of a page-long, unusually detailed report of know-how, precisely depicting in detail how the faithful people of the Israelites brought down the walls of the enemy city to all their Gods by the coordinated will of the children.

Some contemporary inventions, such as water softening or sea water desalination for drinking water supply (in the Arab Emirates and elsewhere) have been developed into entire industries in our day. However, two lines in the biblical text reveal that such solutions were sought thousands of years ago with comparable methods.

Everybody knows today that the invisible pollution with all the garbage that falls away will soon be a serious concern for the governments of the industrialized countries. But how to build effective protection (e.g. for hospitals) against these invisible dangers is described in detail in the Bible; even with reproducible masses, the unit of which is one five hundred millionth of the polar diameter ...

Magliaso (Lugano), august 1975

Walter Stark