Attention: We first published this information in 1996 !!! And where are we today ... ?????

It is feared that in the future more and more people will have headaches and suffer from insomnia and "side effects" because the industry -to compensate for the relatively poor transmitter power- will be forced to install more or less one antenna every five kilometers; and sometimes directly in inhabited neighborhoods (by many people).

Special" frequencies have always been reserved for organizations such as the military, police, navigation for boats and planes, fire and rescue services.

Switzerland, March 13, 2018 - The media reports that cell phone operators want to move forward with the introduction of 5G. But they are being held back because politics does not (yet) accept higher radiation rates.

Hans Wicki, born 18 February 1964 in Lucerne, is a Swiss politician and member of the Liberal-Radical Party. "He was elected to the Council of States in 2015. Then, dear Hans from the canton of Nidwalden (where foxes, rabbits and wild boars party every night), defends the introduction of 5G. He said (hold on tight): "Either thousands of new antennas are built ... or the radiation limits of existing antennas are increased".

He also wrote that latency (the time between sending and receiving data) is significantly reduced. So far, the time between sending and receiving 3G and 4G has been between 10 and 50 milliseconds. With 5G, it would be to the millisecond. It doesn't matter for the transmission of a Whatsapp message - but very essential for autonomous vehicles. "If you need to slow down in a dangerous situation, milliseconds are crucial."

But are you okay or not? Autonomous vehicles ... blah, blah, blah, blah. Hello! Wake up! ... autonomous driving ... science has not yet provided empirical evidence of health problems caused by cell phone radiation. ????

The dangerousness of microwaves has been known since the end of World War II as "transmitter disease" and science has noted effects such as sterility, cancer, cataract, glaucoma, etc..

Cell phone manufacturers declare their products as not harmful because they emanate only a few Watts. In fact, they can emanate up to 25 Watts, that is 12 times more than declared in their instructions for use.

New generation laptops operate and emanate with pulsed radiation, meaning that all conversations "arrive" in information blocks of 4.61 milliseconds in the ether. You can imitate once the effect of this pulsation in your home with your stereo: put on a CD with hard-rock music and "play" with the volume button. Turn the knob to zero and immediately afterwards to 25% of the volume, again to zero and again to 25% of the volume, and repeat this "play" for 2 minutes. You'll see: you'll go nuts!

Then imagine what your nervous system has to endure if it is subjected to electromagnetic waves. The only problem is that you don't hear them, but sooner or later your body will react.

"By chance" the pulsed radiation from cell phone waves and cell phone antennas has adapted to nature. The software of the transmitters allows for 8 different participants for each conversation channel and the software is programmed on "slots" to reserve for each cell phone one eighth of the capacity of the channel. So if two people use their cell phones in the same area, the transmission takes place with 217 Hertz.

If eight people use their cell phone in the same area, the transmission is carried out with 1736 Hertz. These frequencies correspond to the frequencies of your nervous system!

Each main string of the nervous system consists of three strings with different thicknesses. A nerve cord contains about 200 thick strings, about 300 medium strings and about 1400 thin strings. All these strings vibrate - if they are healthy - with different frequencies: the thicker strings with about 5 Hertz, the medium strings with about 250 Hertz and the thinner strings with a frequency of about 2000 Hertz.

So : these biological frequencies interact almost 100% with the frequencies emitted by cell phone antennas !!!

The main problem with emitters is not the power and thermal effects of the organic tissue, but the frequencies emitted. These frequencies can really "kill the nerves". And don't forget: these frequencies affect every cell in the human body.

Fortunately we have the know-how and products to harmonize these harmful radiations. We could even harmonize antennas and transmitters: if only companies would show interest.

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