Electro-smog results from the radiation of various electrical and electronic devices. For informative reasons, we mention the most important ones:

Household appliances: stove, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, freezer and generally kitchen appliances powered by electricity. Hair dryer, curlers, shavers, clock radio, all electrical wiring, electric heating, lighting, home computers and peripherals such as: printer, scanner, modem, cordless phone, smartphone, stereo, television, DVD / video player, satellite dish etc.

Work area: computer, laptop, monitor, cell phone, peripherals such as printers, scanners, modems, etc., satellite dish, etc.

Outdoors: high-voltage power lines, road lines (train, streetcar, subway, trolleybus), radio stations, television channels, cell phone antennas, satellite dishes, etc.

Again: the magnetic field strength is measured in nanotesla (nT). The Swiss government tolerates the value of 1000nT for newly built power lines and transformer stations in places like schools and hospitals. The Swedish government - on the other hand - recommends a limit value of 200nT as the international limit for computer monitors (TCO) for new construction of a day-care center near high-voltage power lines.

But ... according to current scientific know-how a magnetic field of 300nT is sufficient to alter the natural ion exchange between cells! So, in my opinion, 200nT is probably too dangerous. But what should we do without electricity? hmmm?

Let's see what the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health has published on this subject:

"It is not yet known whether the electromagnetic fields generated by WLAN pose a health hazard. In general, the radiation from WLAN devices is low; precautionary measures can be recommended when laptops, PDAs or Internet phones are used close to the body.

Don't forget the publication of the K-Tipp (June 15, 2005): "The flip side of WLAN technology: it can harm the health ... prostate, testicles, bladder, uterus and ovaries ... »

Why did the European Council Committee demand a ban on WLAN in schools? Because after tests - repeated several times - the guinea pigs (students) showed high motor and memory disorders.

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