In this section we try to describe the complex topic of electric smog, which is unsettling more and more people, in the most understandable way possible and present scientifically tested products. You will find: with the help of BIOTAC Line© Tachyon products you can actively do something for your well-being ! Appropriate recognized scientific analyses carried out by validated specialist laboratories confirm the effectiveness of these exceptional products.

Electric smog becomes more and more topical. People, plants and animals all react to this technical phenomenon to a high degree. In this context, medicine has registered various new disease patterns in both humans and animals. The increasingly dense cell phone network, high-voltage power lines, satellites, radio / TV transmitters, roadway lines and electrical devices in general support the "wave salad" in our atmosphere.

In biophysics today it is considered proven that all electromagnetic fields have a so-called "left-spin"; tumors and cancer cells also have a "left-spin", while healthy cells and cell groups show a "right-spin".

Today, various scientific methods can be used to determine whether cells or cell groups "turn left" and tend to form tumors. More about this topic in the rubric Left- / Right-Spin.

BIOTAC Line© products have been and continue to be technically and energetically tested and have proven themselves since 1995 as effective protection against electromagnetic and electrical interference. They repolarize fields with a "left-spin" into fields with a "right-spin".

With the proven BIOTAC Line© Tachyon products, all users can make a conscious contribution to their personal health and the environment, whether at work or at home.

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