For years, health risks from high-voltage power lines have been part of "serious" investigations, but until today, their effects on living organisms have been "denigrated". Just as cell phone manufacturers do not admit that the radiation from cell phones is harmful ($$$), cell phone antenna operators contest the dangerousness of antennas.

This breaking theme has become highly interesting since the day the University of Bristol published an in-depth study in 2001 in which the simultaneous effects of power lines and air pollution were examined. The University of Bristol with its 23'000 students and 2000 scientific collaborators has analyzed the effects of electric fields on our health.

On the one hand they analyzed the corona-ions that are created by the high-voltage lines and projected into the atmosphere, on the other hand they analyzed the 50 Hz oscillation of the particles of the alternating electric fields that the high-voltage lines emit. These two parameters are responsible for the immense influence on the local air pollution which leads to an increased burden for the population living in such places.

Corona-ions combine with polluted air particles and change their electrical charge. Scientists were more than astonished to find that these charged particles can be detected from several hundred meters away! And because these particles have a static charge, they stick to the inside of the lungs when we inhale them. This greatly increases the risk of "catching" leukemia and cancer in the lungs. For those who live (or work) in the vicinity of high-voltage power lines, the 50 Hz oscillation of these polluted particles that land on the skin, the risk of getting skin cancer is high.

Then ... November 03, 2004: the shock!

Another important British study - which has still not been officially published - showed that in 1997 the British Ministry of Health contacted the University of Oxford to carry out the most important study on the subject of cancer.

The goal of this scientific study: to analyze the medical data of 35'000 children suffering from cancer: thirty-five thousand!!!

The scientists noted how far away from the power lines these children live and they (the scientists) found that the danger zone is approximately 100 meters! For children who live directly under a power line, the risk increases by 100%! Children under 15 years of age are twice as likely to get sick with leukemia if they live within the risk zone (less than 100 meters).

Today (we first published this information in mid-2002) every year more than 500 children fall ill with blood cancer, of which about 27% of the cases are directly related to too high an exposure to electrosmog. Other types of cancer as well as malformations during pregnancy can be attributed to the effects of too high exposure to electrosmog.

Don't forget that in the 40's, 50's and 60's abortions were often performed with special "microwave ovens".

Sky News has drastically accused the British government because they are hiding serious warnings. The Minister of Health replied succinctly: "The decision whether or not to publish this study should be made by scientists. »

After this discovery the Soviet government immediately lowered the limit values! Let's not forget that already in the 1960s Russian doctors had noticed that even the weakest electric fields have serious effects on our biological system.

In the United States several schools and kindergartens that were too close to power lines had to be closed because the values indicated were much too high. In California a new law describes that for the sale of houses and apartments that are located near power lines the probable health risk due to electrosmog must be stated in the purchase contract.

And ... in Switzerland ????

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