Harmful factors

Apart from aging, there are other factors that can damage and reduce the function of the immune system. A combination of several factors places an increased burden on the immune system.

Health impairment due to pre-harm such as chronic diseases, drug-induced immunosuppression after organ transplantation, drug abuse (nicotine and alcohol), malnutrition and the associated undersupply of vitamins and trace elements, an unhealthy or unbalanced diet, absorption of environmental toxins from the environment, exposure to radioactive radiation, constant stress, too little sleep, lack of exercise and also excessive exposure to cold in the sense of prolonged cooling or even hypothermia.

Strengthening factors

The basis for a healthy immune system is a balanced diet, which contains all substances necessary for the organism such as minerals (especially iron, zinc and selenium) and vitamins … and sleep.

Sunlight can strengthen the immune system! Daily sunbathing used to be an integral part of tuberculosis therapy.

More recent research results can now provide the underlying mechanism: Certain defence cells have so called "toll-like receptors" on their surface; these are activated during a bacterial infection and cause the defence cells to produce a preliminary stage of vitamin D.

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